List of games & My personal rating.

Posted: May 8, 2013 in Gaming
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1. MineCraft – A sandbox game created by Markus Alexej Persson, Also known as “Notch” In game. Official property of Mojang games. This outstanding game allows the played to build anything they want with hundreds of blocks, while adding adventure to the game itself. The game has thousnands of mods made by fans that add more things to the game to prevent the player from being bored. These mods could go from simple graphic fixes to new dimensions etc. My most favorite ModPack is Tekkit Classic!

Rating: 8/10

– Amazing creativity, and hard to get bored of

Graphics were never to great, but easily replaced fixed with a mod and texture pack

– A great way to have some fun with your friends and just express your creativity.

– Costs $25 for a premium account



2. League of LegendsA strategy game created by Riot games Inc. This game involves the user to select a champion that they will use against the enemy player. The objective of the game is to destroy the enemy’s Nexus. This “Nexus” is responsible for adding protection to make it harder for the opposite team to destroy it.

This this game @ , Its FREE


Rating: 6/10

– A good way to practice strategies and get to know your game, Suggesting this for starting RTS gamers.

– When someone gets the upper hand on you, they will continue to increase in power against you and eventually will carry the opposite team to victory. So basically if you keep dying that person earning the kills with really cause a problem for your team.

– Fun when playing with a group, when you can trick your opponents and just jump around everywhere


3. World Of Warcraft – A game created by Blizzard games studios. This MMORPG has become the worlds most played MMO and currently still getting players. This adventure game allows players to do many things, level and get a profession. There is so much to do within this game, with a more to mature community, and rules are enforced heavily upon the player base.


Get this game @ ,

Rating 9/10

– Game is action packed and no personal advantage with balanced classes.

– You have to pay a monthly fee of $15 to play the game.

– Great way to get to know a more mature community & Start teams/communities.

– Supports places for all classes and allows 12 characters to be made per realm.

– A fair way of making money to purchase whatever you desire and a fair based game.

– A Non-Balanced faction ratio in each realm(s)

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Get this game @

Sincerely: timofey13407, Bloodlyn, ~ Tim


  1. Erika S. says:

    awesome post. I think I might try to play LOL now. How should I start?

    • timofey13407 says:

      1. Start by registering on their website.
      2. Log into your game client
      3. Take the tutorial and do some adjustments to your controls / Graphics.
      4. Play easy and don’t let the flamers get to you 🙂

  2. tariq1995 says:

    I dont know the other 2 games but world of war craft is a good game and cool back ground and thanks for the detail keep up the good work 🙂

    • timofey13407 says:

      Thanks, Always nice to hear some positive feedback. Be sure to check out my latest post involving cheap to medium prices gaming gear 🙂

  3. surviva1 says:

    Nice review on WoW I think I should play Wow now. Look like a very fun game.

  4. bkyeast says:

    Whoa, bro! WoW!

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